★Winning An IPHONE 7 PLUS From The Claw Machine!!! Arcade Crane Game Win!!!

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Win From An Arcade Claw Machine!!! Today I Will Be Attempting Yet Another Arcade Crane Game Challenge To See If I Can Win A Black iPhone 7 Plus In My Full Sized Claw Machine Arcade Game!!! Make Sure To SUBSCRIBE!! Big Giveaway Coming Up!!!

1357 S Main St, Adrian, MI 49221
April 29th from 12-5pm
at Claw Kicker’s Arcade

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★ ABOUT ME ~ Hey Thanks For Reading This Far Down In The Description! My Name Is Isaac Polchito I’m 14 Years Old And I Started This Channel On June 19th 2015 When I Posted My First Ever Video To YouTube! Since Then I Have Made It My Hobby & Job To Post Arcade And Claw Machine YouTube Videos For You! I Never Would’ve Thought That I Would Make It This Far On YouTube, I Just Started Doing It For Fun Because I Loved Doing It! If Your Not Subscribed Yet Hit That Red Button To Show Your Support For The Channel If You Want To See More!!


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